I am pro-life and will support policies that advocate for the life of our precious unborn. We must end the practice of selling fetal body parts and enforce Wisconsin’s abortion ban if Roe vs Wade is overturned.


Law and Order

We need to reestablish law and order in our neighborhoods and communities. In my years of public service as Alderman on Milwaukee’s southside I’ve always advocated for law and order, supporting, and funding our brave men and women in law enforcement. My daughter is a Lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department, and I will back the badge with moral support and will advocate for effective public policy in Madison to protect our communities.


Fix the Roads

I am committed to supporting polices that address our infrastructure needs. Milwaukee County is home to the Zoo Interchange. Most commerce in the state flows through I-94 East and West. Good roads are crucial to a strong economy and a safe traveling public.


Inflation and Taxes

I will pursue tax and spending policies that will reduce the tax burden on our citizens. We need effective economic policies that reduce the cost of living for our citizens. I will support policies that will reduce the property tax burden on homeowners and renters. Our energy policies must serve the energy needs of our citizens and should be cheap, plentiful, and affordable. We can achieve these goals through good policy and reducing the tax burden on Wisconsinites.


Election Integrity and Transparency

Our elections need to be secure and transparent. I will support ending the unconstitutional practice of ballot harvesting and the use of ballot drop boxes. I support eliminating the broken Wisconsin Election Commission that violated the trust of the citizens by allowing and encouraging practices like ballot harvesting, not cleaning up our voter rolls, and not following the law as it pertains to special voting deputies in our nursing homes. I would support transferring the powers to regulate and enforce our election laws to an office that is directly accountable t voters.


K-12 Education

I am a big supporter of school choice. I believe that parents are the first educators of their kids. We need to provide them with the support and the choices they need to get the best education for their children. Public education must meet the needs of the parents and the children, not the bureaucrats. We must educate our children and go back to the basics: reading, writing, science, math, and critical thinking- not political indoctrination. The purpose of our schools is to prepare our children to be successful and productive citizens. I pledge to work closely with parents, teachers, MPS, and both private and public charter schools to assure the best education possible for all our children. You cannot have a great City without great schools